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Tuition and Fees

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Undergraduate :  $494/credit

Graduate :  $509/credit

Summer tuition rate has not increased for seven years!
No out-of-state tuition–  out-of-state students pay the In-state rate!


Check back for 2018 fees soon!

# Weeks Enrolled Rec Center CUB Fee Health & Wellness Fee Chinook Fee
(undergrad only)
Technology Fee
(undergrad only, $20 max)
1-3 weeks $30.25 $24 $64 $19.75 $2 per credit
4-5 weeks $61.25 $48 $64 $39.50 $2 per credit
6 + weeks $91.00 $72 $64 $59.00 $2 per credit

Note: All students, both graduate level and undergraduate, who are taking summer classes on the Pullman campus are responsible for payment of the mandatory fees listed. If you are participating in an internship that is not physically located on the Pullman campus, but you are still being charged mandatory fees, please have your adviser or internship director contact the office of Student Accounts to request that your fees be waived.

2017 MBA TUITION RATES (Tuition rates for 2018 TBD)

Pullman Campus (WA resident) MBA rate: $890/credit

Pullman Campus (non-resident) MBA rate: $1662/credit

Online Executive MBA rate: $1137/credit

Online MBA rate: $750/credit

Online MBA military:  $658/credit


Auditing a Course
Unlike fall and spring semesters, students are required to pay full tuition and fees when auditing a course during Summer Session.


WSU Employees
Qualifying faculty and staff may enroll in up to 4 credits during the Summer Session.  You may find the Summer Educational Benefit Request by clicking here.  To learn if you qualify, click here.

There is a non-refundable $5.00 administrative fee plus special course fees, laboratory fees, and late payment fees. The $5.00 fee cannot be paid with an Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI).

For a list of excepted courses, please go to the Registration page under WSU Employees for more information.


Tuition Due Dates & Late Fees for Summer 2017 (Check back soon for 2018 information.)

Session Dates  Tuition Due Date*
 Late Fees Assessed 
Maymester May 8 May 26, June 23, July 21
Early Six Week (5/9-6/17) May 8 May 26, June 23, July 21
8 Week (6/6-7/29) June 5 June 23, July 21
Late Six Week (6/20-7/29) June 19 June 23, July 21
12-week May 8 May 26, June 23, July 21
Early 7-Week (CCB) May 8 May 26
Late 7-Week (CCB) June 26 July 21
Intersession July 29 n/a
Special Topics, Internships May 8 May 26, June 23, July 21
Summer Advantage June 26 July 21
Calculated Success July 17 July 21

*Tuition is due on the first day of class; assessment of late fees for unpaid tuition will begin on the dates listed. Fees are cumulative; accounts will be assessed a fee on each deadline that the balance remains unpaid.


Cancellation and Refund Policies

Cancellation policy

To cancel, go to for more information and to cancel enrollment.

If you cancelled enrollment after the drop deadline without penalty deadline, all tuition and fees will still be owed.

If done before the drop without penalty deadline, there will be a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

There is no cancellation fee in the summer.

Refund policy

Refunds for a class only occurs if the class is dropped before the drop without penalty deadline.

Please view the add/drop chart under Deadlines and Dates for the full list of deadlines and important Summer Session dates.

Summer Session 2018
Maymester         May 7 – June 1
Early 6-week      May 7 – June 15
12-week              May 7 – July 27
8-week                 June 4 – July 27
Late 6-week       June 18 – July 27
Intersession      July 28 – August 19

Carson College of Business
Early 7-week      May 7 – June 24
Late 7-week       June 25 – August 12


Registration Dates for 2018

   Priority – March 5
   Seniors – March 5
   Juniors – March 6
   Sophomores – March 7
   Freshmen – March 8
   Non-Degree – March 8

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss your summer enrollment plans with your advisor.