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Need to fit in a course before Spring semester? Try this!


Winter Session Accelerated session. Three to six weeks. Entirely online.

See a course list and more details at

See why students love WSU Summer Session…


Reasons to attend:Advantages:Experience:
Stay on track for graduationEnjoy smaller class sizesFun summer events on campus
Focus on a difficult classFewer full classes and wait-listsGreat outdoor recreation opportunities
Complete a minorMore one-on-one attention
Retake a classA more relaxed atmosphere
Graduate earlyShorter 4-, 6-, 7-, and 8-week sessions
Save money!All students pay in-state tuition rate!

What are you doing next summer?

Get a head start!  Check out the 2017 Course Schedule and start thinking about the classes you would like to take, online or on campus for summer of 2018. Most dates, deadlines and courses will be similar for next summer.

Summer Session schedule 2017

Summer Session 2017
Maymester         May 8 – June 2
Early 6-week      May 8 – June 16
12-week              May 8 – July 28
8-week                 June 5 – July 28
Late 6-week       June 19 – July 28

Carson College of Business
Early 7-week      May 8 – June 25
Late 7-week       June 26 – August 13

July 29 – August 20

Registration will begin in March 2018 and will stay open through the beginning of each session.

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss your summer enrollment plans with your advisor.